back to school children (;

yay yay ! school time :D kinda excited cuz i miss the entire school so damn freaking much (; miss the hall where we spent our recess time chattingg & laughing & making stupid silly jokes haha , miss CKGU KAMAR , the one & only handsome man in schooool , oh yeahh :D haha miss 3 ADIL ofcoz , miss haa miss everyone & everythingg kot , heeh . && now , back to school means back to have a tons of  homeworkS every single dayy -___- okay fine , students fr suree , cant live without homeworkss . gahh :\

btw , wanna wish HAPPY NEW YEAR to all , year 09 was very awesome fr me :D loads of thngs were happened but sookay , it helped me be more matured in life . && im hoping the best fr the year 2010 :)

* broken english ? i LOOOIKEEEE , yeeehaaaaaaaaa :D

3 ADIL's gonna miss youu guys GILAAA :D