bored -_-

nothing to share actualy but i feel like posting something so i did but yeah nothing interesting , i dont have any ideas what to do now , currently , online ms fb & ym . ms was so damn effing boringg , but now shaf naad & me tgh main status psl Agus - shaf's new handsome & gorjes boyf (; hahaha

and now , refresh-ing back all the memories since our 1st day in secondary school on 2007 (; all the innocent faces , haha yeahh , loads of dramas year by year kan korang ? & bila kita duduk duduk borak borak . rewind balik kenangan , sure gelak gelak nak mati haha haih :')

i miss the moments with you guys . hangout - sleepover - sneakout - school - studygroup and much more . Friends Forever ♥♥ haha