I just feel like posting something so yeah I did ,  errr , okay , lets staaart :D

Mag 7 -  they are Nanie Farah Shafiyyah Shaneena TasyaN Dibba & Me :D we're in the same class since Form1 till now but then Nanie & Farah have just moved , Nanie to Mrsm Tun Ghaffar Baba , Melaka and Farah to SM Teknik Kuantan Pahang , so many sweeet-sour memories between 7 of us && well , just hoping that we will always be bestfriends :D

Girlfriends - they are Nadhirah Puteri Fatt Einur & Siti , they are also parts of the Mag7 , just then we're nt in the same class , but we're still hangout and do stuff together kan kan ? :D they coloured my world , they make me smile & i know they can accept me fr who i am * hopefully haha :D

Hero - Muhammad Haikal Mohd Hanifah ? haha yeah he is the one , a special amazing guy that i have but you dont :P eventho he's kindaa shy with me yeahh with ME but it doesnt bother me at all haha sounds funny kan bila boyf MALU dgn his own gurf but what to do ? dah dia mcm tu haha dont worry i just love you fr who you are :D

Boyfriends - haaha loooads of them , ni suma nama yg ada kt PAKWE HANDSOME HAHA kt sebelah ni :D seriously diorg sgt sgt happening , sgt sgt amaaaazzingg , sgt sgt beeessst , sgt sgt aku suka sangat ade member mcm korg haha , even ade durjanas yg sllu BULI & buat aku taching yeaaah aku tau korg jeles sbb aku ade BB & aku TINGGI haha :P sayang cinta korang doe haha