F stands fr Friends

Everyone have their own friends or bestfriends , yes so do I . they are someone that I want to be with even when I want to be alone , you know , the feelings ,  when you need someone by your side , you need comfort , you need shoulder to cry on , you need someone to hear your stories , you need someone to give advises , you need someone to smile with you when you are happy , you need someone to stop you frm doing something bad . this is what friends for rite ? to be there whenever it is . yes , hard to find true friends , who always by your side even when you're facing hard time in life . but it doesn't matter at all , you have best friends who cares , who loves you , just enjoy every moments that you have with your friends because every single seconds can be your best memories together . just like me , I do have a group of best friends who always there fr me , yeah , hey , rmmber this ? ' SORG MEMBE KITORG KENE , KITORG SUMA AKAN BALAS ' it shows our love towards each other rite ? :) Nanie Farah Shaf Shaneena Dibba Tasya Naad Fat Puteri Einur Siti , i know we love each other , thankyouuu because you guys have completed my life :)