Y'know , have been told by TasyaN that my group is the only group which left to present 4 Adil fr the Gulp & Gasp Drama Compt -.- since Wawan & Alan will be going fr the rocket competition on the same day so group diorg tarik diri -.- it's seriously unfaaair hahah sanggup korg biar group aku je wakil ? We don't have much time to practice . I've also been told that the compt will be held on this upcoming Wednesday . okay serious shit :/ i didn't prepared anything er wait , WE don't even discussed ANYthing yet and and errgh :/ idk . i don't have any experience on this . drama & whteva script yeah script -.- how can I memorize those script :( idk what to do . Ingt nk tarik diri , so 4 Adil takpayah ada wakil , tapi sllu dgr gosip ckgu kata 4 Adil ni passive . tksuka involve/join program mcm ini , so i think we should join this compt but please , i need strength friends . Ty