Love and Them

Went to The Curve , had some yummayyh meatballs at Ikea hihi . Then , just walked around until we decided to go to Baskin Robbins . We spent most of our time there and we met some local artists like Ana Raffali , Alyah & Ajai . hehe okaay aku batak sikit sampai tk sedar yg dh nak pukul 9.30 pm -.- time to go baaack .

Sleepover at Naad's . we had fun together . but of course , it'll be so much better if TasyaN and Dibba could join us too . Pasang lagu mcm nk pecah rumah . Nasib baik jiran tak dtg maki je :) haha before tidur , konon kongsi rahsia & berangan sikit . haha first time kot time semua tidur awl time sleepover , kaan <3