Hey it's new year people (:

Hai hai hellooo (:

Well currently at home . Not going anywhere fr countdown tonight . Ok sgt boring skrg -.- Nvm Manda , duduk rumah pun boleh tgk bunga api dkt tv (: So people , may you fill your heart with new hopes , open up new horizons and bring for you promises of brighter tmrws . May you have a great New Year too ! And for  me , I'll be sitting for SPM this year , so I hope this new year can bring newly found prosperity , loves and happiness in my life & yours tooo hihi . For my dear 2010 , I've been through so many things this year and I'm sure I'll be missing you always . Family , boyfriend & friends , thaanks fr all the memories . Aku sayang koraang hihihi :)